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Vaccines Threats

Yes I agree that any governments forcing people to take a vaccine are going against our rights as men and women. Therefore we have to know our rights and stand up for them.

Recently someone asked me if I had any resources regarding the fear of being forced to take a vaccine. And yes what a great question; since it is obvious that being forced to take in unknown substances is absolutely terrifying.

There are ways to fight against such tyranny and we are being called to fight and in the midst of learning how to stand up for our rights we are growing and evolving rapidly. And it is the stress of being forced to hurry up and learn a bunch of new things that is definitely affecting our health.

Here is a response I made concerning what I know about looking at the truth regarding what is really lawful and knowing our rights. BTW the day the lockdown happened in March was the day I knew that the whole virus scare was to bring in power and control over everyone, since I have studied biological terrain assessment and therefore I am not fooled by this virus scare; yet still I am devastated by the damage to everyone who does believe in a health threat. The real threat is against our liberty and now we forced to walk through even more fear to embrace our truth and adamantly push against this fraud.

There are laws suits now going against these unlawful measures. I just saw information about a new law suit on a video on bitchute by Old Dog New Tricks. We must face the severity of what is being pushed by the Technocrats. Watch the recent videos of The Last American Vagabond with Whitney Webb... the information is truly devastating. We must know the truth about our own spirit and the spiritual love, wisdom and compassion of our God (the God of our own understanding) and there are ways to access our own healing and awareness that produce healing results and bring more true spiritual consciousness to our physical body.

Here is my reply to a question about vaccines, and I have other resources other than these that I have mentioned, yet I need to validate them again before sharing those resources as it is important to me to be able to stand behind the resources that I share.

Hi, Thank you for this most important question. It is true that to keep our health we now have to learn about our rights and laws that protect us from being forced into any medical treatment that we do not wish to take.

I am not sure what country you live in, yet most country's have a Patients Bill of Rights. Peggy Hall of has a lot of videos on this topic and plus a lot of documents you can download from her website pertaining to your rights.

Also a friend of Peggy's is John Jay Singleton and he is a lawyer and he has done many excellent videos with Peggy on the subject of law. His website is and he has a youtube channel also called privacyfight

Peggy Hall has a youtube channel also.

The idea of learning about status correction is very popular nowadays regarding becoming a private person and claiming back rights to your living man or woman. There are many people involved in teaching this online and I can send you several links if you are interested in doing that.

I also highly recommend Karl Lentz. There are a lot of his audios on youtube on the Craig Lynch channel, yet you can find Karl's website at:

Karl Lentz teaches our rights as a man or as a woman that is a simple way to know your rights and stand for your rights... yet of course when we learn about law there is always a great deal to learn thus it is not super simple, yet I feel that Karl's teachings are easy to understand and they absolutely work with not being bullied by unlawful legalese practices that the courts are testing us all with.

There are certain groups that are fighting against forced vaccines and have law suits to go against the tyranny of government mandates yet the only one I know of is in Canada, see info at

Good luck with becoming empowered and aware! It is quite a journey!


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