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Are We At Risk?

Are We At Risk? At Risk of What?

Does History Repeat Itself?

How Does History Repeat?

By Not Knowing Our History; Then We May Not Recognize When It Is Repeating!

Please Watch The Burning Times (Part 2 of a Goddess Trilogy)

And Understand That When The Cats Where Killed Along With The Witches; Rats Proliferated Causing The Plague Due To Flea Infestation; Causing Sickness; Due To “Ignorance” Regarding Health.


Here is an article from June 8, 2020 on Cats Catching Corona Virus!!!

Now News About Minks Have To Be Killed Because They Spread Corona Virus; Therefore Will It Be Okay To Wear A Mink Coat From Culled Corona Minks?


Australia: Melbourne scientists discover common anti-parasitic head lice drug Ivermectin kills SARS-CoV-2 virus in lab

On my website at

you can find information about parasites on my blog

Ann Louis Gittleman wrote a book called Guess What Came To Dinner and there is a chapter on Man’s Best Friend regarding parasites that pass from animals to humans.

Here is an article about microscopic parasites that live in beach sand:

Here is an article about rat mites:

In 2014 There was an Ebola Virus Scare; My friend was afraid of catching Ebola; Thus I did a search for online information about viruses and Ebola specifically and I found

And now

has an App for your phone!

Every Day All Over The World Studied Scientists, Virologist, Microbiologists Etc, Write books and papers on these subjects and they are posted at

Back in 2014 using the Academia resources I found the final conclusion, that Ebola is due to a parasite that exists in both bats and rats. End of story.

Since that time I have received 2 to 4 new papers daily written by people from all over the world.

A recent book titled “Introduction To Modern Virology” by Dr. Brian VJ Mahy Lists Hundreds of Thousands of different viruses; From A to Z - Essentially it is a Dictionary of Viruses and starting with a virus at the top of the list I found a virus named “arenaviridae” from a strain of Latino Virus; a family of arenaviridae viruses. Now all I had to do was search for “arenaviridae virus” and here is what I found; AMAZING INFORMATION -

Yes My Friends, A Rodent parasite !!!!

When I lived in Hawaii, we knew about a spirochete virus from the urine and feces of the coconut rats that lived on coconut trees and people had to be cautious after working with the coconut trees to protect themselves from transmission of this microscopic parasite that lives in the rat urine and feces; which is a type of Lyme disease actually.

Here is a video about this, where it clearly explains that this sickness is due to a type of “bacteria” which is actually a microscopic parasite (yet called Lyme disease) and given the title of being a “Virus” Therefore words do matter since we believe certain things about a “Virus” yet a Virus is Not Alive, YET a bacteria IS Alive and microscopic parasites ARE Alive and AND When we know what our Real problem is Then We find Logical Solutions!!! Such as Lice Medicine, ETC.

Now Here is information about Viruses that explains that Viruses Are Not Alive; To help people to really understand what a Virus IS.

It is a chemical solvent; a nucleic acid that sweats off of the cell walls; as part of our immune system detoxifying. It is essentially a type of protein.

Aajonus Vonderplanitz wrote We Want To Live and The Recipe for Living without Disease.

He had a health farm in Thailand and was famous in California for changing the laws about selling raw milk in stores. He healed himself of blood, bone and lymph cancer and he was a big promoter of healing with bacteria and high bacteria meat and raw fats such as dairy fat from raw butter and raw cream etc.

His information is found on this website:

Also There are many youtube videos of his talks, and some audios that explain the difference between viruses, bacteria and parasites and how they help our body to detoxify.

Here is one:

Here is information about Beauchamp who taught about the Terrain or the “milieu” of the body; thus the environment of the body is the problem with sickness. e-wrong-side-won-the-day/

Beauchamp created a way of analysis of the biological terrain of the body and today there are naturopathic doctors using his methods of analysis to determine whether or not a person’s body is suffering more from viral or bacterial or fungal infections or from parasitic infections.

Here is website that explains how all of this works together for our healthy digestion:

Here is an excellent book that validates these health issues even more thoroughly!

Gut & Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD.

(this book explains Neurology Nutrition for Healing Depression, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, and Schizophrenia).

Here is a video with information from the creator of the PCR (which is not meant to be a test of anything!) and several others including Dr Thomas Cowan who does an excellent job explaining the importance of Koch’s Postulates; and after watching this I made several silly analogies with regards to how much people fear absolutely nothing!

It is vitally important to understand what the PCR so called tests are finding (PCR is not a diagnostic tool at all; it is a process; of magnifying the RNA and DNA; Mullis the inventor clearly states his PCR process is being used incorrectly; that it is not a way to diagnosis any type of infection in the body.

Here are a few silly analogies pertaining to the unwarranted fear of the dastardly convid virus:

(there is one crumb on the countertop that the maid did not manage to wipe off of the counter and you assume that your house is full of termites that will consume your house in a few hours)

(finding a tiny dust molecole on a countertop in your home and being afraid of it poisoning you and making you sick when your home has dirt floors)

(when Mullis was saying that his test takes something that exists everywhere in everyone and basically magnifies it to the point that it is shown to exist; it brought an analogy to my mind of pixels, how you can zoom in on a photo to see all of the little pixels that make up that photo, which you did not see just looking at the photo at regular size and format, then you zoom in to see the minute details...)

Here is a video from (Amandha Vollner a Naturopathic Doctor) about what the tests are actually analyzing: (Bombshell Evidence that Covid RNA Base Pairs are Identical to Chromosome 8 Human DNA)

What defines a “Case” ??? A Case describes a person with an actual clinical illness that has been diagnosed. Just a positive PCR test is being called a case and putting high numbers of cases out to the public through the media has people thinking that all people with positive tests are in the hospital with a clinical illness when actually they just tested positive for something that exists within their own body normally. RNA and DNA do exist within our body normally.

Dr. Thomas Cowan shared this info:

A viral load test, a surrogate test, (can not be used to diagnose an infectious disease)

What is a surrogate test? prove causation, you have to have a gold standard test*** that is reliable, postulates***, you can not use a surrogate test to prove anything, we do not have isolation, purification, reinfection, viremia, we don't have millions of copies on an electron microscope... what the pcr test found was a new RNA sequence, take one sequence that is unique to corona and amplify it, and you have one copy of the sequence and you stimulate it and it makes two copies, keep making more copies with more cycles (36 cycles see color change to see it is positive), you get false negatives at 36 cycles yet nothing to compare it with to say it is a solid diagnosis (yet at 60 times amplification it becomes positive with all people) thus everyone has this RNA in their cells you only have to amplify it

(analogy - like pushing someone's boundaries enough so eventually they get angry at you; thus everyone has anger inside of them and yet many people will not get bullbaited into reacting in anger yet with enough continuous pushing of their boundaries and continually violating them they will for sure react with anger)

all biological tests have false positives, test 30 million people, then you end up with and you have 1 % rate, then 300,000 people test positive then say an epidemic, then lower amplification to say that people are getting better from your vaccine.

It has been said that the covid pandemic is a manufactured crisis to bring control over people; via quarantine and vaccinations.

The Center for Disease Control is a private corporation and owns over 150 vaccination patents.

Here is how we are truly at Risk; We are at risk of not being educated and informed about the truth about our health. We have to learn and study on our own to see the reality of what is going on in our world; what is actually occurring with deaths and people getting the flu and how people are dying and why they are dying and how many are dying etc.

When we learn about the Biological Terrain of the body we come to understand that a toxic body is like having a dirty house. There are more bugs that live in a dirty house.

Yet do we have to be afraid of parasites? Parasites have a function, they are nature’s undertakers and they are meant to clean up what is already decomposing.

Learn how to cleanse your body safely and learn how to have better digestion and how to assimilate more nutrients into your body to help your body to be nourished and to detoxify and eliminate the waste products that it can not use readily.

A major fear we ought to have, is the fear of being poisoned. A virus responds to chemical solvents put into the body. Yet viruses are very weak ways of forcing a detoxification.

All we have to do is learn how to heal our body to detoxify, to then free up a lot of energy that the immune system; (lymphatic fluids) is using to cleanse our body slowly and maybe painfully.

When our body is toxic then our immune system will become overloaded eventually and then we tire and become weak, since the overloaded situation eventually becomes too much.

Yet our body is resilient. We only need to learn how to take care of ourselves and understand what will cause toxicity and how to avoid producing toxicity.

See info about the 7 day cleanse at

and in this blog, read:

How To Do A Seven Day Cleanse.

Blessings, Deborah Carroll. Iridologist, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Cleansing assistant.


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