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How to do a 7 Day Cleanse

How to do a Seven Day Cleanse

What you need as far as supplements go:

1 to 3 bottles of Sonnes # 7 liquid bentonite clay 1 bottle of Sonnes # 9 psyllium powder

1 bottle of Sonnes # 2 Calphonite

1 to 2 gallons of organic apple juice 1 bottle of raw apple cider vinegar 1 jar of unheated honey

168 to 210 Wheatgrass juice tablets (you can also use wheatgrass juice powder) Another alternative is to use spirulina capsules or chlorella tablets

56 to 70 Red Marine Algae capsules (Solaray is a good brand) Dr. Bernard Jensen sells Dulse tablets (same thing)

56 to 70 Beet Root capsules (Solaray is a good brand)

56 to 70 Borage oil gel capsules (Solaray brand is good)-(borage oil is good for the pancreas and I prefer it to the wheatgerm oil capsules that are usually used per Sonnes cleanse kit)

56 to 70 Pancreatin capsules (Solaray brand is good)-(if you can not find pancreatin get some other digestive enzymes; Solaray has an assortment of different digestive enzyme capsules)

56 to 70 tablets or capsules of Vitamin C. (Solaray has a good Vitamin C) or Vitamin C chewable tablets are also okay to take. (sometimes it feels good to chew on something!)

1 bottle of liquid chlorophyll to put in the evening colema water; coffee in the morning colema

Veggie broth; (miso soup) and herbal tea can be drunk at times when you feel hungry in between the hour and a half intervals between taking the cleansing drinks and supplements.

Olive oil or coconut oil for massaging your belly during the colema.

Shower filter for your shower head; Home Depot sells one for only $20

5 gallon bucket

Tubing kit (see info at also sell colema boards; you may prefer to build one. sells the Sonnes products for the same price that the website sells them yet they offer new customers a ten percent discount.

Build your own colema board to save money: use a pine board and cut a hole in one end of the board; (to go over the toilet) and use a tupperware bowl that you cut a piece out of to make a splash shield and just tape the inverted tupperware bowl around the hole on the board. Use duct tape to tape the edges of the cut plastic bowl and cut a hole in the back in the middle for the tubing to go through.

There are plastic pieces you can buy in plumbing supplies to hold in place in the splash shield with duct tape, for the tubing to slip through. Thicker tubing fits around the plastic tube (part of the tubing kit) to hold the colema tip. Some people use an empty plastic pen as a tip. The tubing (surgical tubing) will have a clamp on it to stop and start the water flow; which you need to do when you create a syphon and set up the colema. You can use a big plastic hair clip to hold the tubing that hangs into the bucket in place if necessary.

Also it is best to wrap the whole homemade colema board with fairly thick garbage bag or plastic and tape the plastic in place to keep water from soaking into the wood; that way there will be no mold occurring and you can reuse the board again hygienically.

You also need to screw 1 x 2 inch pieces of wood (slats) across the short ends of the bottom of the board; spaced at the correct width to sit firmly on the porcelain part of the toilet bowel and on either side of the hole to keep the board up off of the porcelain otherwise water will drip around the board and spill all over the floor.

You put a slat at both end of the board underneath to keep the board level and use a camp cooler at the opposite end that is away from the toilet as it is the right height as the porcelain usually. Put an old towel on the camp cooler to make the height perfect and keep the board from slipping about.

You can use a camping pad or old towel on the top of the board to lay on and be comfortable. You will have to wash any towel that is used for the top of the colema board as they get dirty each time you do a colema.

I recommend buying a bunch of cheap towels to use. You also need a high stool to put the 5 gallon bucket on, in the shower or tub to sit under the showerhead to fill up the colema water. You can put raw apple cider vinegar in the colema water, or liquid chlorophyll or lemon juice or fresh juiced garlic juice; (I use elephant garlic), or use some of the Sonnes 7 bentonite clay.

You will most likely need to add a few items atop of the bar stool sitting under the showerhead to make the bucket be high enough to get a good speedy flow of water; (more gravity helps) thus you can get creative with how to do that.

Once your bucket is full of warm water and the added liquids; coffee or whatever you choose, then you put the end of the hose that hangs in the 5 gallon bucket (there is usually a piece of copper at the bottom to weigh down the tubing when it is put into the bucket; to essentially work like a straw that siphons the water out of the bucket once you open the clamp) under your bathroom sink faucet to fill it up from that end with the copper weight in it; and then the other end will flow water into the toilet (do not have the tip in place yet) and then once that happens you employ the clamp onto the hose, and then you quickly lift that end that you filled up at the sink up in the air and put it into the bucket of water, and then you unclamp the hose as soon as possible to see that the siphon did take and as you watch or feel the water flowing out of the bucket and into the toilet you will notice a difference in the temperature of the water or you will see a change in color, as in using coffee or chlorophyll to know that everything is flowing well. Then you clamp the clamp on the hose again.

Then when you get on the board, you straddle the board and scoot your butt up towards the hole over the toilet (you now have put the colema tip in place and you may have to cut the end of the colema tip to make it the right length as you want your butt hole close to the opening hole over the toilet and yet you only want the colema tip to be about one inch inside of your butt.

You use a natural lubrication on your anus and with your feet up on the board on either side of the hole over the toilet bowl you use one hand to support yourself up on the board and the other hand to insert the tip into your anus. Then you slowly lower yourself down, to lay down on the colema board.

You may want a folded towel or small pillow for your head. Then you let go of the clamp and allow the water to flow. If you feel too much cramping, just allow your anus to relax and release any water immediately and usually old mucus will flow out with the water right away.

You should not have any excess cramping. If you do have a lot of gas then you need to do the ileocecal valve pressure point massaging in between colemas. Anyway once you have emptied the lower bowel, there shouldn’t be any more discomfort or pains and you can just allow all of the water to flow into your bowel and be released whenever you feel really filled with water.

You will massage your abdomen with olive oil or coconut oil during the colema. I recommend having your mouth open to allow a relaxed flow of breath and you can make some haa and aah sounds as well.

The idea is to get comfortable with feeling more during this process. It takes about a half hour for all of the water to empty out of the 5 gallon bucket. If you can find a more clear colored plastic bucket then you can easily see how much water has emptied from the bucket, otherwise you might just wait to hear a noise at the bottom of the bucket being emptied.

Be sure to rinse off the colema board and dry it off and let it stand somewhere to dry; usually put the bottom of the board on a towel or mat and lean it against the wall. This matters if you decide to keep a wooden board dry. Some people want to put a lacquer on the board to seal it yet then you end up getting off gassing of the chemical smell.

Rinse out the bucket and flow fresh water through the tubing and empty the tubing of water to have it be dry and clean for your next colema. Use natural cleansers or vinegar to clean the board.

It is recommended to take a laxative the night before doing the cleanse. I do not feel that is important yet Sonnes has special herbal laxative pills that they sell that they recommend.

Be sure to not have to work for at least the first 2 days of doing this cleanse, and even better, at least have 3 days off of work if possible. Also on the first day you probably might need to do an extra colema in the afternoon (between cleansing drink 3 and supplements 3) and you can gauge this by if you feel nauseous or overly tired. You may need to do an extra colema in the middle of the day on the second day of the cleanse too, as it is the first two to three days of your first 7 day cleanse when a lot of toxins can be dumping and causing you to feel either nauseous or tired.

In extreme cases people even vomit and cannot even keep down the cleansing drinks. Therefore on day 2 of the cleanse some people need to do a 3rd colema in the middle of the day since their liver and gallbladder is detoxifying very quickly. Every person is different.

Keep a journal of when you start taking your cleansing drinks each day; make an attempt to keep a regular schedule. I usually write out drink 1, supplement 1, drink 2, supplement 2 on the paper with the actual times of when I will take each drink. You take cleansing drink 1 and then cleansing drink 2 back to back to begin with. Write down whatever starting time that is and go from there with hour and a half intervals. If you start at 9am then at 10:30am you take your first set of supplements, and then at noon you take the second set of cleansing drinks.

You want to take 4 sets of cleansing drinks and 4 sets of supplements (yet you can take an extra 5th cleansing drink if you wish) Whichever you finish up with, either supplements 4 or cleansing drinks 5, you then hop onto the colema board to flush out before you go to bed to rest. Drink a lot of diluted juices, herbal tea and water in between your supplements and cleansing drinks.

I use glass bottles that I saved from buying kombucha tea to premix my cleansing drinks ahead of time for the whole day (yet you do not add the psyllium powder into cleansing drink 1 until right before you are ready to drink it as it will gel up quickly). I put the supplements into ziplock baggies to carry with me should I want to go out and do something and have things timed to be able to take my supplements when I am out doing errands.

Cleansing drink 1:

1 to 2 Tbsp of Sonnes # 7 liquid bentonite clay

1 quarter cup of apple juice (you can use cherry juice or pear juice or apricot juice etc)

8 to 10 ounces of water.

1 rounded Tsp of the Sonnes # 9 psyllium powder (Add at the end and mix or shake briskly and drink immediately before it gels up too much)

Cleansing drink 2:

1 to 2 Tbsp of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Tsp of unheated honey

10 ounces of water (room temperature so the honey will mix easily)

Blend or shake in a jar and drink right after you finish drinking cleansing drink # 1.


Take 2 Tbsp of the Calphonite mixed with diluted apple juice for supplements number 1 and 4.

Then each time you take supplements take these amounts:

6 Wheatgrass or Spirulina or Chlorella tablets or capsules 2 Dulse tablets or Red Marine Algae capsules

2 Borage oil capsules

2 Vitamin C tablets or capsules

2 Beet Root tablets or capsules

2 Pancreatin capsules or digestive enzyme capsules

2 to 4 capsules of parasite herbs (paracleanse or clear) Usually you can wait until you have done one cleanse before taking the parasite herbs. It helps to open up those layers of old mucus and then during the second cleanse you can take the parasite herbs.

Some people put a plastic colander in the toilet and then they catch the mucus that is being eliminated into the toilet during the colema. That way they can see if they have parasites.

There is a gallbladder cleanse also, and you need to do at least one regular seven day cleanse before you do a gallbladder cleanse. I can send you an article on that if you want to read it.

Should you decide to do a precleanse, you basically drink the cleansing drink # 1 morning and at bedtime for 2 to 3 weeks before you do the full 7 day cleanse. You may find that you have to take some laxative tea or capsules during this precleanse time.

Please use a colema board as it is the easiest way to take in the water and release anytime you need to, and each time you release the old mucus, the water goes into your colon more deeply and gets into the inner cecum and ascending bowel and this usually occurs during the second half of the colema.

Massage from the inner lower right side of your abdomen, up the right side of your belly, across your abdomen under your ribs and then downwards along your left side of your abdomen and down into your lower belly.

You can also pull up a bit on the lower belly just above your pelvic bone and even rub your thumbs along the top of the upper pelvic bone.

Also you take a morning colema on the 8th day of the cleanse and then you break your fast with steamed veggies or fruit, such as steamed apples or carrots.

Deborah. 505-629-9345

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