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Parasite question & answers

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Parasites Question and Answers

I just listened to your fantastic interview with Crrow. I believe at one point you said, in passing, something about cancer might be blood sucking tube worms, or something like that. I know that search engines aren't going to lead me anywhere useful in looking into that topic, but I would like more information on the idea. Is there anywhere you can point me? Books? Websites?


yes for sure, what i said is blood sucking hookworms!

(I learned this from Buffalo Bill, an Iridologist who recommended Pure Herbs, a company that has very high quality herbs, all organic, and tested by the FDA. See info at )

(i’m using voice text on my iphone to reply to you so as you read this you’ll notice I’m not using a lot of punctuation)

of course you can search online for information on hookworms , they’re pretty ferocious looking yet they’re actually microscopic

and another thing I would suggest is if you go into a used bookstore if you could find an old text book of veterinary medicine or you can maybe find one in a library somewhere , anyway there are thousands of different types of parasites that live in and on animals and people pick up these parasites from their animals and Ann Louise Gittleman wrote a book called “guess what came to dinner” and there’s a chapter on man’s best friend

also Hanna Kroeger (I have her website on my website under health links) ; she wrote a book on parasites just called "parasites" it’s not that expensive it might be a $10 book and it explains details about all the main parasites with pictures; like drawings; of what they look like, and she has a book called God helps those who help themselves

that also talks about parasites

and unfortunately it seems like all the amazing parasitology information from Hazel Parcells is no longer available although you could maybe do a search; who knows maybe you could find some of her info on eBay or Amazon

I know Joe Dispensa ; Dr. Joe dispensa did some work with Hazel Parcells and he does have a book where he explains a lot of things that he learned from Hazel except I didn’t see anything specifically about parasites when I was reading the ebook on kindle,

Also the best parasite remedy that I have found is from a company called pure trim and I have been with them since 1996 yet when I joined they were called awareness corporation , now they tend to focus on weight loss and so they changed their name to pure trim and they have an herbal product called “clear” , yet right now it’s back ordered as they have been having trouble getting some of the herbs they need for the recipe ;

to make some new batches of it

anyway you can look at the ingredients for the Clear by going to my pure trim website link and clicking on products and then you have to scroll to find it ( It is a bit pricey yet it’s totally worth it and I can explain the whole protocol of how to take it and I can order it for you at my discount )

(there are many different products sold by Pure Trim. I recommend the herbal capsules called: liver master, synergy defense, female balance, experience, and clear)

there are a lot of herbal companies that sell different herbal tinctures specifically for parasites yet the main ones are black walnut hull tincture and wormwood

and wormwood is also called mugwort and you can actually rub the mugwort on your skin or put it in a sinus bath

you can take the herbs into your body in different ways ; you can make a cup of tea with it you can put a sachet in your pillow ; mugwort is actually supposed to help you to have deeper dreaming experiences

enjoy searching for info and also I have lots of stories regarding getting rid of parasites and eventually I’ll get all the information up on my website blog

oh and I just remembered natures sunshine also has an herbal product called para cleanse and they also use diatomaceous earth in capsule form and that is also supposed to really help as well

yet I would not just use any old diatomaceous earth that you find at a gardening store ; I would only use the product created by nature sunshine or some other comparable herbal company that has done all the proper testing of the product for human consumption


also check out the app Academia

or the website

there are many papers published worldwide and probably 80% of the papers are all about microscopic parasites

and I first found out about this website when I was doing research on ebola which turned out to be a parasite from either a bat or a rat

and I used to live in Hawaii and there were these horrible parasites people would get from rat urine and feces because the coconut rats (they’re really big rats that live in Hawaii and they eat from the coconut tree) anyway people would climb the coconut tree and they would get some of the rat urine somehow ingested into their body somehow and they would have horrible rashes and negative symptoms

It's a kind of parasite called sarcocystis. They are adding snakes to the farm land in Thailand to get rid of these rats btw.

actually I just did some searches of my own and I found a couple of really good articles; there sure is a lot of information out there; it’s just people don’t know to look for it...

I found one article on hookworms being in beach sand at this doctor’s website:


you can start by taking two capsules first thing in the morning with a glass of water and then don’t eat anything for an hour and a half (I am talking about Nature's Sunshine Para-Cleanse or if we can get it again, I highly recommend a product called "Clear" from Pure Trim.

some people will just set an alarm wake up take the capsules then go back to sleep anyway don’t eat anything for an hour and a half and then take those two capsules every morning for seven days

then in the second week take four capsules every morning then in the third week takes six capsules every morning and each time you wait an hour and a half before you eat anything

and this is the protocol that I learned from awareness corporation back in the mid 90s and it really works

it’s incredible

yet you have to continue taking the six capsules every morning for a total of three months and be sure that you have regular bowel movements

you might want to drink some laxative tea to make sure any of the die off is getting moved out

i imagine natures sunshine has some laxative herbs as well you might just take some of those at bedtime or some people take them right before meals like lunch and dinner

good luck do your research it’s a lot of fun


To continue:

I am very grateful to Crow, as I have been getting several iridology readings from my interview.

I have Many stories to share about parasites. I know that talking about worms and parasites is very disgusting. Yet I would rather have the awareness of what is really causing disease in my body instead of being kept in the dark regarding my real health problem. I agree though that this is a very yucky topic. It takes time to even get used to touching worms to put on a fish hook, let alone realize that they exist in my body. I actually have many amazing healing stories and I wish to share them all, as they are inspiring and revealing. In due time I will post many more great health tips and lots of information on my website blog.


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