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My Interview on Crrow777radio

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Hi Everybody

I am just beginning to add more content to my blog. Thank you for your patience with my new way of sharing with others! Also I will be sending out a health newsletter fairly soon.

I feel it is important to understand our body and feel confident that our body is always working towards helping us to have better health. It is easy to fear the unknown and that is why we need education and understanding. The better we understand how our body functions the more we feel confident in knowing that we are safe.

{Especially nowadays where there is a threat from the media that a virus is contagious. A virus is not contagious. I know that I need to post a detailed explanation covering this topic and I will do that as soon as I am able to. Yet basically a virus is a chemical solvent produced in the body in response to other chemicals that are overloading the body's tissues and fluids.

We do need to know the reality of our health and we have many resources; we just need the true information. There are actually many things that have been hidden from us and recently more true information is coming out in the open to reveal more honest facts about things we thought we knew and understood to be a certain way. It is a big surprise to find out this new knowledge. It makes me question "Why?" Why wasn't it important from the beginning to tell people the truth? It is a innocent question, with a not innocent reason... unfortunately.}

There are many ways to safely cleanse and nourish our body and have good digestion. And these are the three main factors affecting our health; digestion, nutrition, safe detoxification.

I have been teaching the many things that I have learned that have helped to heal myself and one of these days I will elaborate on my own personal healing journey.

Not only have I had to deal with physical health issues, yet also many emotional and spiritual issues as well. We are all in the same boat when it comes to finding the best information to guide us to experiencing the most authentic awareness about our health and aliveness.

I feel honored to have had the opportunity to be interviewed by Crow and Jason, and this was my second time sharing on a radio interview. The first time was way back in 1995.

Anyway I believe that we all have special life journeys and that we are meant to share with each other and help each other. I am very excited to share more, as I love sharing and experiencing the love and uniqueness that we all bring to the table.


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