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introducing me, myself and "I"

Well to start with, it has been a long journey, developing my own awareness of my "self" and knowing what "my" truth is. Since embarking upon my life's path and journey to seek more health and healing for "myself", I have had a strong desire to connect with others and share the many things that I have learned. Honestly learning about healing is something that is very delicate and intricate. We are all here to learn and grow and follow our own interests and desires for a better life. Some pathways produce true healing and others do not. And who is to say what path is meant for each individual and their unique journey through life.

Eventually I do plan on sharing more through my website. I have created websites in the past that I have had to take down due to censorship issues. Basically there exists big powers in the world that do not want too much healing information available to people. Most of the truly beneficial things that I have learned, I found through direct communication with people.

It is highly recommended that we take time to share with each other in person to not be monitored by those big powers that are indifferent to our benefiting from each other.

To experience true healing can be a lonely and scary path to embark upon. Then being able to communicate that healing eloquently is challenging. We monitor ourselves with how much we feel we ought to share or explain. We need to have the proper environment to share in, to keep appropriate boundaries. I can only do so much to help another person and there are many hidden things; (secrets) and unknown problems that create health issues.

Over the years I have been involved in a wide variety of spiritual and emotional healing practices. I have come to learn some rather surprising things with regards to understanding the many things that affect us physically. Spiritual and emotional things also affect our body.

The key is to learn what truly works to produce a healing and bring back our true vitality. Without the ability to feel our feelings on an authentic level of feeling we can be deluded by a false enthusiasm, and follow paths that are actually separating our spirit out of our body.

In time I do plan to be able to share more of what I know and what I love to share with others. I value all people and yet at times I can have a limit of love that causes me to not be able to work with some people. This is rare, yet it does occur occasionally. I like to be able to be transparent and do my best to be my authentic self. I trust in life and love and I also trust that my own higher self is guiding me. I am far from being perfect and I do value my ability to acknowledge my own truth. I do not mind being a bit rough around the edges at times.

Understanding the realities of life includes knowing what our shadow issues are. We all have shadow issues. Taking responsibility for our own creation is of utmost importance. We need to be able to listen to our heart's desire and know our truth. We all deserve to be happy and have the confidence to be ourselves. Our ego wants to judge our progress yet we are criticizing ourselves. Self love is acquired over time. Such healing is demanding. There are aspects of our own personality and awareness that affects our decisions and realizations.

I have found that there is a synergy of understanding the different aspects of our lives; that all work together to nourish and love our human self. Communication is a vital aspect of our own learning and growth. We must share with each other even when sharing our truth is uncomfortable. We have to find a way that is reasonable and do our best to be received. Becoming aware of who can receive us is important and yet is also devastating since many people can not receive who we are. Not everyone we meet will match our own personal interests. Intimacy on any level is something that requires sincere love and appreciation.

There are people who have signed up or subscribed to my website, yet honestly I do not know how to deal with that particular function on my website. Eventually over time, I will figure those things out and make a subscription or newsletter available, yet I am not very savvy with such technical things. I do my best to find solutions to these issues though it can take me a while to resolve them. Thank you for your patience. More to come... Deborah.

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