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Daily beverages for detox

Daily Beverages for Detoxifying the Body

Here are several choices of natural beverages that will give your body nutrition and assist in a natural detoxification on a regular basis. I will send you an article on drinking water first thing in the morning and really you can drink any of the drinks listed here in this article first thing in the morning as well; before you get out of bed so that all of the valves in the stomach and digestive system are open and relaxed. Drinking a healthy beverage before you get out of bed, hydrates your lower intestines and tissues in your body.

Beverages high in organic sodium are excellent choices to drink daily, anytime, and yet be sure to drink them before you eat solid food. Dandelion root tea, coconut water, aloe vera juice, celery and cucumber juice (organic only), okra broth or potato peeling broth. Goats milk; yet raw goat’s milk is best. (Be sure if you buy coconut water to never buy it from a can) Also aloe vera juice is best bought in a glass jar. ( a carton or glass bottle is best yet a plastic bottle can be okay too, depending upon the quality of the plastic used )

Beverages high in organic potassium are also excellent drink choices to drink throughout the day, and they are Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (1 to 2 tbsp) mixed with 8 to 10 ounces of water and with one tsp of unheated honey added (blend in a blender); this is a natural hydrochloric acid and it is good to drink it before you eat a protein meal. Also the RAV naturally thins the blood. You can drink this RAV and unheated honey drink several times a day, and at least twice a day is great.

Another source of organic potassium is Mt Capra dehydrated goats whey powder (brown whey powder that used to be called WHEX- not the white whey powder!) The Mt. Capra goats whey (brown powder) can be mixed with warm water and tastes like a veggie broth. This drink that is high in organic potassium is very good for the kidneys, adrenal glands and also for the heart. You can find this product through the Mt. Capra website or on amazon.

Pure Synergy green nutritional powder tastes good even when mixed with water. You can get it at and you can drink it daily anytime you want and of course only drink before you eat (not during or right after you eat); you need 2 to 3 hours after eating before you drink a lot of liquids to prevent diluting the digestive juices that are assisting your digestion of solid foods.

Green Magic by New Spirit Naturals is also really good. See info at

Green Magic is very good for solving yeast problems in the intestines.

Before bedtime I recommend drinking 1 to 2 tbsps of liquid calcium magnesium mixed with some water and a bit of pear juice. The calcium magnesium is best assimilated at bedtime and also in liquid form (not in tablets) and sells an excellent brand called Calphonite.

Herbal tea and coffee substitute drinks are other options for drinking beverages during the day. Coffee can be dehydrating and also overwork the endrocrine system in a variety of ways. Some coffee substitutes are called: Roma, Pero, Caffix, and Inka.

Also a good mineral water with some fresh lemon juice added is another healthy option.

If you feel you are addicted to sodas, you can blend mineral water (Gerolsteiner is great) with fresh ginger root juice and vanilla extract and unheated honey, to make your own natural ginger ale soda. You can also put ginseng extract into this drink to give it a natural boost. Most of the local Chinese markets sell little ginseng root tinctures (although they often have a glucose sweetener added to them); they come in little vials. Anyway, it would be better than drinking a soda like Pepsi or Coca Cola.

I also recommend drinking fresh raw cow’s milk, if you are a lover of dairy, the raw cows milk is very nourishing too. You can blend the raw cows milk with a raw egg and some unheated honey along with some vanilla extract, or some unroasted carob powder to make a smoothie. Read the book called The Recipe for Living without Disease by Aajonus Vonderplanitz.

Then there is a vitamin mineral supplement in a powder that is sold by Dr Joel Wallach and his Youngevity company called Beyond Tangy Tangerine. I recommend this product as well. You can find it on amazon or go to

Blessings, Deborah.

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