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Breath Naturally

Breath Naturally (this practice allows your mind to go blank and allows a person to feel at peace since our breath is our holy spirit)

Most people do need to lay down and do nothing for a few minutes at least one time a day, yet it is even better when you are able to lay down and do nothing for 20 minutes, 4 times a day. Yet even a few minutes of laying down and doing nothing and thinking of nothing is very helpful.

The best way to rest is to lay on your back and you can close your eyes, yet you also ought to do an experiment of focusing on relaxing your breath with your eyes open.

The most important thing is to not control the breath. The breath is part of our spirit thus we ought to allow it to be surrendered; this requires waiting for the breath to move on its own accord. This will happen fairly quickly and easily when you allow your jaw to be open and slack, and use the middle part of your finger in a bent position to test the opening in between your teeth so that you have about an inch opening between the upper and lower teeth.

Then as you have your mouth open wait for your breath to move into your lower lung (belly area) and as your lung fills with air and your belly rises up...then let the air swoosh out with a sigh, in a very relaxed way, not forced, and when you do it the best way it will sound like a wave flowing in the back of your throat.

Always wait and slow down in the moment and wait for the breath to move on its own. Also with the eyes open if you do not have someone to have eye contact with as an anchor to keep your mind more in the present moment, then you can put one of your hands at your eye level to focus inward into your body; this is called your mind's eye, yet your hand blocks your gaze from staring at the ceiling or the wall or out into empty space. Also be more conscious of slowing down to allow any feelings in the belly to soak inward, as if your excited or hyper feelings are like water absorbing into your body. You can also do this with feelings of pain.

This is the first step to allowing more of a descending flow of spiritual love to flow into the body and flow through the center of the body by way of the breath. If you do any controlled or hyper fast breathing, or ritualized breathing, then the part of the spirit that is calming and brings peaceful feelings is pulled more out of the body and into a trance state instead of a more grounded state within the body.

Allow your spirit-breath to breath you! You do not have to do anything, just be still and wait, and a natural breath will arise spontaneously…eventually. And sometimes a yawn may occur and that is great as this indicates an even deeper and slower connection to your spiritual essence in the moment. You are not going to die from not breathing for a few minutes since eventually your breath will happen without forcing an inhale.

We often experience being too mental, or focused on our thoughts, and the best thing to calm your mind is to take time to focus on your feelings, thus use your mind to connect with your heart and your body. One negative thing that we do is we tend to over work and then over time if we never rest, we end up having a heart attack since we finally burnt out our nervous system by never resting. Thus getting down time is one of the most vital pieces of advice for those who are busy and mentally focused a lot of the time. You just have to stop for a few minutes a couple times a day and that makes all the difference.

The breathing practice I mentioned is part of an awareness practice I learned. Anyway that little thing of letting the jaw be slack and open and only allowing mouth breathing (do not purse your lips to blow the breath out of the mouth though, let it flow through the back of the throat) begins to let more super-consciousness to connect and descend into the body from the upper light channels. It is simple and it is feelings of love and peace that manifest when we are calmly allowing our breath to move on its own without forcing the breath in any way...very nice! (and you can also use your knuckles to massage your jaw and cheeks to allow your face muscles to relax more so that it does not feel like a strain to let your mouth be open)

Deborah Carroll copyright/copyclaim May 2013.

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