Get iris photos

To get started with your iridology reading, you will need to get photographs of your eyes; your irises. You will definitely need to get a friend to take the photos for you. Shine a flashlight onto your eye while your friend takes the photo for you. Photograph each eye separately.


Open your eye lids as much as possible and hold your eyes really still when the photo is taken.


Do not use a flash and be in a well lit area. There will be a spot of glare from the flashlight shining onto your iris and that spot of light on your iris photo will cover up a part of your iris, thus making that area not visible to analyze.


Therefore take another picture of your iris and hold the flashlight in a different position to make the glare spot now be shining over a different part of your iris. That way I get to see all parts of your iris. You can not really avoid having that spot of light glare on your iris photo. Yet taking two photos will solve the problem of having the spot of glare covering up any important markings that I need to be able to look at when I do your iris reading. 

It is important that the iris photos you send to me are "In Focus" for me to be able to see the details of the iris patterns to be able to do the eye analysis for you. 

You can use either a digital camera or a cellphone camera to take photos of your irises. You will need to use a macro-lens to get in close and photograph all of the details in your iris fibers. You can find clip-on macro-lenses online to clip over your cell phone's camera lens. I did have one person who had a very expensive digital camera and she would go into a dark closet and use the flash on her camera since it had a special automatic focus feature and she got amazing iris photos that way. Some of you may know more about macro digital photography than I do.


The magnification can be from four to ten times magnification. When I meet with someone in person I use both an eight times hand held magnifier and a clip on macro-lens for my cellphone camera; that is ten times magnification. You can use a four times magnification yet when you do, be sure that your photo is really in focus to capture all of the details in the iris patterns.

There is an App called Camera + that includes a four times magnification macro-lens; built into the Application. This App does work to get fairly decent iris photos. The Camera + App does cost $3.99 to download it. Upon double checking in the App Store it appears that this App has been upgraded to Camera + 2 and costs $4.99 to download. This Application works pretty well. 



I want to be absolutely sure that your iris photos are clear enough for me to do your reading.