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Email only

Receive your written reading in email, yet first you must send me iris photos that are IN FOCUS and good enough photos for me to analyze your iris patterns from. Email your photos before you buy.



Bowl of Berries

To start with Read Get Iris Photos and then get your Iris Photos emailed to me to confirm they are good photos.

Once we confirm that your iris photos are good, then we can choose the payment option that works best for you. See my Payment Options tab for more info.

Phone Readings are available for nutritional counsel even if you do not get an iris reading.


Receive your written reading in email, plus have a phone session after you look at your reading. Be sure to email me iris photos that are IN FOCUS before you buy your reading. I want to confirm the quality of the iris photos before your purchase.




In Person

Meet with me in person. I will take your iris photos for you and email you your iris photos along with your written reading in email. First we will talk and schedule a time to meet. 

Natural Herbs



Currently I am available for in person readings in Santa Fe New Mexico and surrounding areas.