Glass of Milk

about me

My name is Deborah Carroll. 

I began my iridology studies in 1991 at Dr. Bernard Jensen's Health Ranch in Escondido, California. I also took his class on Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management at the Feathered Pipe Ranch in Helena Montana before going to California to take Iridology 1 & 2 at Dr. Jensen's ranch.

I met Dr. Jensen's son Art Jensen and his wife Ellen Tart Jensen at the Ranch and kept in touch with them and would later continue with my Iridology studies with Ellen Tart at Westbrook University; located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Continued Education:

I continued studying at Westbrook University for two years and learned Biological Terrain Assessment and Dark Field Microscopy Blood Analysis. During that time I also took a class in Osteopathic Manipulations. 

I also met Dr. Hazel Parcells in New Mexico. Dr. Parcells was a parasitologist. Her herbal program was the best method for getting rid of parasites; both large and small.

Before moving to New Mexico I lived in Hawaii and had been studying with Dr. Gabriel Cousens. He teaches a raw food diet that is vegetarian. When he began building his "Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center" in Arizona, I was able to assist with building the compost enclosures for the organic gardens. I took his class on Ayurvedic Medicine.

Other Interests:

I was on a quest to learn all that I could about healing. Eventually I went back to California to continue studying Biological Terrain Assessment along with Sclerology and Eyology from Leonard Mehlmauer. Then I met Aajonus Vonderplanitz and began the imfamous Primal Diet. 

While I was in Los Angeles I met a man who taught me about Korean Medicine which really resonated with my own dietary interests. I also went to massage school and learned Somatic movements and Neuro-Structural Body Work, along with Cranial Sacral Therapy.

self love is the best nutrition